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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The running speed is fairly smooth, which is better than my previous system.
As far as the logistics system is concerned, this system module is more clear and can basically achieve full systematization, and the operation is relatively simple and easy to use.


Andy Zhou

As a financial officer, I can export all the A / R and a / P reports I want. The bills can be directly checked and confirmed with the customer system. The bank flow can also be exported with one click. There is also a cost analysis report, which frees me from the mountains of Excel bills. I no longer have to stay up late to make a report to the boss.


Leia Li

It can be connected to the ERP, UPS, or FedEx interfaces I want, and the warehousing module can also pull orders from the platform. Customers have a full sense of use. It is really the system I want.


Ann He

At present, the freight forwarding system in the market is too complicated. Although it is very detailed, it still feels a little troublesome. In particular, there is no client. Entering all orders requires our company to operate and process, and the workload is very heavy. However, haotianyun system has a client. Now we can let the customer directly enter the shipper, agree, notify party, and then directly generate an, invoice, atme, do in the background, Many possible mistakes have been avoided, and of course, a lot of manpower has been saved for us. The price of labor in the United States is really much higher this year.


Fly Chen