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LTL / FTL system

At OOPSTON, We are so excited to introduce our new feature

 Warehousing Management Software

The world doesn’t only contain freight orders and supplies shipped or transported in bulk quantities.

A major portion of the global business economy is run by start-ups and small-scale eCommerce or retail businesses working tirelessly to make a name for themselves.

For all such businesses and suppliers, the LTL System is the perfect way of shipping cargo or parcels throughout the globe. Oopston designed the system for the suppliers willing to ship their goods with a size less than that of a truckload.

The major issue that suppliers usually face is they have to pay a lot even if they are not accessing the full space of the truckload.

So, to cope with this issue, the LTL System allows the supplier and retailers to pay for the exact or near-exact amount they are willing to ship through.

Also, the Oopston LTL System allows you to calculate the accurate fare you will be charged as a retailer for sending an LTL package.

You can test our rates by determining parameters yourself. You will be able to see a solid difference between us and the rest of the transporters or similar service providers.