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Q: What are the main module functions of the system?
Our OOPSTON software is a comprehensive service software system integrating logistics, customs clearance, warehousing WMS, late delivery, customer OMS and other services. It is mainly for domestic and foreign freight forwarders, e-commerce companies, customs clearance banks, regulatory warehouses, overseas warehouses, and other groups, and realizes one screen multi-business management and one key automated operation.

Q: is it safe to store data in the cloud?
A: the cloud server provider chosen by OOPSTON cloud is Alibaba cloud services, a world-renowned cloud service provider. Yes, it can ensure security, generally anti SQL injection, SSL encrypted transmission, TDE data encryption and other functions

Q: with more than 100 people operating at the same time, how much bandwidth is required? Will it be slow?
A: there is no problem with the concurrency of 100 people. The bandwidth can be seen according to the network bandwidth provided by the server. If you encounter these problems, you can feed them back to our customer service and let it technicians test whether they need to be adjusted.

Q: what if the network is disconnected? Is it still usable?
A: at present, our system is in web login mode. If the network is disconnected, we can continue to operate through the hotspot sharing traffic, and the mobile app in the warehouse can also be operated synchronously.

Q: what should we do if we have new functional requirements? Is it expensive?
A: if the customer needs customized service, we will give a reasonable quotation; If the system is upgraded uniformly, there is no additional charge.

Q: are there any requirements or restrictions for browsers?
A: at present, all browsers can be used without incompatible page confusion and font confusion. At present, the system supports the highest versions of chrome>102.0.5005.115, firefox> 101.0.1 and edga>102.0.1245.44. We will also update the system regularly to provide a better sense of customer experience.

Q: can we export all the reports we need for the finance module? Can the system be embodied? If we need the system to make profit and loss statements directly, is that ok?
A: in the financial module of the management side, our basic version has the most initial A / R / A / P / cost comparison reports, including the bank daily list, which can be exported. You can also redesign the report mode according to the customer’s requirements and the customer’s template.

Q: if our company is abroad, will the system get stuck? Our company is full of foreigners. Is there a language selection function?
A: our system can set up a Chinese server or a Hong Kong server, or customers can choose to set up the server abroad, so as not to cause the problem of jamming. At present, our system supports multi-language mode. Customers can choose their own language type according to their needs.

Q: if we have companies in China and the United States, will there be problems using the system at the same time?
A: our system supports the use of multiple IP addresses. With regard to the simultaneous use of multi-national IP addresses, we recommend that the customer locate the server in Hong Kong, so that both parties can use it more smoothly.

Q: if you can’t use the system, is there any initial training? There are no video tutorials that we can watch by ourselves.
A: for all customers who purchase our system, we will arrange professional customer service personnel to provide training and follow-up services to answer customer related questions in real time. In our system training tutorial zone, there are also video tutorials for uploading each module, which customers can view on demand.

Q: if the customer has questions about the system process, can we upload the tutorial in the system?
A: for the client, we have a special help manual module. The management end can upload all operation tutorials in the background, and the client can download them by itself